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Oct 29, 2012 9:00am PDT
cuba, haiti, on its way to canada. i'm suzanne malveaux. we'll get down to it here. we are talking about this powerful life-threatening storm on a collision course with the most populate area of the country. hurricane sandy taking aim at the mid-atlantic coastline and the northeast. at last check it was about 205 miles southeast of atlantic city, new jersey. massive storm could affect 60 million people. we are talking from virginia to massachusetts. forkers to expect sandy to combine and cause a cold front that will cause massive power outages, and snowstorms and flooding. mountain areas of the state could get two feet of snow, so already starting to fall, and fema, federal emergency management agency, says the storm damage from wind alone could reach $3 billion. we're also going to be hearing from the president about 45 minutes or so from the white house. he is going to be making a statement, updating the conditions of what the federal government is doing to tackle this horrific storm. forecasters expect that sandy will make landfall as early as tonight. the eye of the storm appea
Oct 31, 2012 12:00pm EDT
>>> hi. i'm suzanne malveaux at the worldwide headquarters of cnn welcoming in our viewers from the united states and the around the world. you're all here in the cnn "newsroom." >>> disaster on top of disaster. how much can one city take? unbelievable flooding, millions of people with no power, and now this fire. 80 homes burned up in this neighborhood in queens, new york. we are live there in just a few minutes. there's people down in the jersey shore. here's what they are dealing with as well. the storm called sandy ravaging the entire coastline. the g's office says at least six people with now dead in the aftermath. in long branch and pleasant beach and seaside heights, nobody has electricity. the storm knocked over trees, ripped out electric lines, and today more than two million people just in new jersey are without power. rail service, path trains that run up and down the coastline, forget about that. buses too all suspended. transit officials say it's going to be days, probably weeks before any type of commuter train service starts again between new jersey and new york city.
Oct 24, 2012 12:00pm EDT
to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malveaux. we're taking you around the world in the next 60 minutes. breaking news out of pakistan. police say they now know who shot and critically injured that 16-year-old activist. malala was shot in the head by taliban militants. this happened two weeks ago. for speaking out for girls rights. police say that the main suspect a 23-year-old chemist student from the swat district. she say they've made several arrests in the case. i want to go directly to the region there. reporter simon who has a sense of what is taking place right now. the main suspect has not yet been arrested. what do we know? >> reporter: yeah, suzanne. so far i've spoken to one of the senior police officials involved in the investigation. he tells me they have six people in custody, but they believe key facilitators around this attack, they all are local men from malala's hometown. they suspect that maybe some of them went to afghanistan where the plot was hatched and returned to pakistan where they carried out the attack. now, the main suspect, as you say, they have ide
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
please stay tuned for the very lovely and talented suzanne malveaux with "newsroom international." >> syrian activist saz at least 87 people have been killed already today, including at least a dozen children. >> this video shows a man crying beside a truck full of dead bodies. we have blurred these images. they are just incredibly gruesome. the man is crying "my child was killed." he is calling out to god and to anyone who will listen. this is in a town in northern -- this is after government war planes dropped several bombs on the people there. >>> a suicide bombing in eastern afghanistan leaves 14 people dead, three nato service members among the victims. we do not know their nationalities yet. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this blast. the afghan interior ministry says the attacker drove a motorcycle packed with explosives into a group of soldiers and afghan police on patrol. >> this was a scene outside the building for the punk rock band pussy riot. protesters scuffled with police. some got hauled away. while that was going on outside. inside the hearing was bein
Oct 7, 2012 6:30pm EDT
national's and the orioles are both in the playoffs. >> suzanne kennedy is live in st. louis. let's start off with the redskins though. breaking news. >> never a dull moment for washington's boards. at the nationals began their campaign the first pitch in that game rg3 took a hit -- a hard one -- and he did not get up laughing this one. in the second quarter gryphon buys himself some time looking to get the first down but he gets a leveled. he laid on the ground for a while. then he underwent concussion tests suffering a mild concussion. the redskins lost 24-17 but all of the talk is on their young franchise quarterback. >> it in the third quarter, he was not sure what the score was with the quarter was. we knew we he had a mild concussion. >> hopefully you will get back soon. just make sure the guys all right. i think he will be all right. >> cards hosting the nats. a soft liner to right. nats getting an attitude, leading 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th. >> as we mentioned, suzanne kennedy is in st. louis. "she joins us now live outside of busch stadium. >> some money people have thei
Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
suzanne kennedy in sinaloa's. we will take you to bush [ barack obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he shes... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more huge e x breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even thoh middle-class families rely on medicaid to help loved ones cover nursing-home care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities? >> we continue with nats fever around the country. >> kaine two of the national league division series is under way. we found plenty of nats fans making the track. suzanne is live in st. louis with more of the excitement. suzanne? >> a lot of nats fans. of course, a lot of cardinal s&p 500. some made the trip out here yesterday. -- of course, a lot of cardinal fans out here. son made the trip out here yesterday. kaine two here at busch stadium. yesterday's n
Oct 3, 2012 9:00am PDT
allergy symptoms plus sinus congestion and pain. >> welcome to newsroom international. i'm suzanne malveaux. here's what's going on righ now. the world,of urse, watching and anticipating the stage for the first presidential debate. the university of denver in colorado. now, this is where for 9 on minutes president obama, former massachusetts governor mitt romney will go at it tonight head-to-head, face-to-face, and while they're on the stage, whole lot will be happening behind the scenes. want to bring in cnn political director mark preston who gives us a look. >> heetsz head inside where the action is going to take place. >> she must be wonder whoing will be sitting in the audience tonight for this first presidential debate. i don't know the answer, but peter here with the commissioner on presidential debates does. >> on wednesday night at the university of denver we'll have students, vip's, and those that the campaigns have invited. they'll be on floort and on the balcony behind us. >> how do you get invited if you don't get an invitation from one of the candidates? >> it would b
Oct 11, 2012 12:00pm EDT
friend and my league and a very smart lady suzanne malveaux takes over the reigns now with "newsroom international." >>> welcome to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malveaux. we're going around the world in 60 minutes. here's what's going on right now. >> people who work at the u.s. embassy in yemen for more than 20 years shot dead. men on motorcycles, they ambushed his car, and she they killed him. officials in yemen say it looks like the work of al qaeda. more of what we know about the killing and why he may have been a terrorist target coming up in just a couple of minutes. also, revelation from former teammates of superstar cyclist lance armstrong. one says we hid from doping tests. he said armstrong had & his teammates, they were part of the most sophisticated and successful doping program in cycling history. the agency says 11 cyclists came forward to admit their use of banned performance enhancing drugs. we'll have more on that later in the hour, but, first, a new jobs report that really surprised a lot of folks, including a lot of economists who just found out this morni
Oct 14, 2012 9:00pm EDT
the issue of rapes in the military. >> guest: right. >> host: i tell the story of suzanne swift and her mother, sara rich -- >> guest: right. >> host: tell us what happened to suzanne. >> guest: well, suzanne from the time -- first of all, um, she was courted by the military. they kept calling her and calling her. a lot of these folks are part of military families anyway. and treating her well and promising her she won't get deployed, so her mother was proud of her. and then the minute she's deployed to iraq, the guy above her says let's just have a date together, let's just be together, and she said, what? what do you mean? he said, let's not tell anybody. it's just you and me. and he kept after her for months. she kept calling her mother, and sometimes you can call, sometimes you can't. when you're overseas. it's not always possible. but she didn't talk about the war, she'd talk about the man that was wanting to make love with her and did force himself upon her physically, so he raped her, frankly. the way i'd say it. and what can she do about it? in order to prevent her from, fro
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm EDT
have a lot of fodder for your weekend show, so we'll be watching it and also for suzanne malveaux's shows which is up and coming. thank you for taking the time to be on our show today. fareed zakaria, and as i sign off, i do want remind you "newsroom international" starts right now with suzanne malveaux. >> kuhn dem the president for leading from behind, declaring it is time to change -- criticized the obama administration for not having an overall strategy in this region, and here's how he summed it up. the know the president hopes for a safer, freer, aligned middle east with us. i share this hope, but hope is not a strategy. we can't support our friends and defeat our enemies in the middle east when our words are not backed up by deeds. >> now, wolf, we know he was referring to a lot of the protests around in the region, and even the killing of the u.s. ambassador in benghazi, libya, but when you listen to what he is saying here, how much of it do you think is about a failed strategy or what is simply out of the white house's control at this point, what is going on in the middle e
Oct 30, 2012 12:00pm EDT
hospital. in laurel, suzanne kennedy. >> thank you so much, suzanne. monoxide, of course, is odorless. unless you have a detector, no. i hope you do. >> absolutely. it is still so important today. there may still be live power so it is ok to, out at this time, but be safe and use extra caution. this is a really cool, high- satellite image. this takes you through the entire progression as it pulls out of the caribbean, goes up headed towards our area. all of these changes and transitions, dry areas have been into the storm right before landfall. amazing and kind of beautiful, in a way. about 100 miles east of pittsburgh, expected to o thenorth and int by tomorrow, making its way into canada. really wrought day, still. wind out of the south, southwest, 12 miles per hour. that is a bit brisk. in terms of temperature we are at 31. those elevations off west, we are dealing with a lot of snow. it has been incredibly impressive, from skyline to westwood, that is where the has beennow developing. we have some beautiful pictures viewers.ou from the kaiser in west virginia, sending the one. thi
Oct 15, 2012 2:50am EDT
afraid to come forward at the time of the murder named suzanne cogar. >> suzanne cogar was very, very important because suzanne cogar gave the best comprehensive understanding of the way nanette manipulated naposki into committing the murder. >> reporter: suzanne told them how she and eric would chat by the pool. how one day in the fall of 1994, eric was angry that his girlfriend's boss, meaning bill mclaughlin, had tried to rape her. >> totally untrue. they're engaged to be married. she had been living at the house as boyfriend/girlfriend for over three years. but naposki didn't know about it apparently. >> and he's in a rage about it. >> he's in a rage about it. >> reporter: after the murder, said suzanne eric sought her out, said if the police came around, tell them i'm a nice guy. >> she said, oh, my god, eric, i don't want to know if you had anything to do with this. he smiled and said, maybe i did, maybe i didn't. if you're accused of a murder you didn't commit, how are those words ever going to come out of your mouth? >> reporter: incriminating but hardly one of those tangible
Oct 13, 2012 10:00pm EDT
also have the issue of rapes in the military. i tell the story of suzanne twist and her mother, sarah rich. tell us what happened. >> host: suzanne, first of all, she was courted by the military. they kept calling her and calling her. a lot of these folks are part of military families anyway and treated her well and promising her she won't get deployed sort her mother was proud of her and then the minute she deployed to iraq, the guy above her says, let's just have a date, let's just be together and she said what? what do you mean? he said let's not just tell anybody, it's you and me and he kept after her for months. she kept calling her mother and sometimes you can call and sometimes you can't when you are overseas. it's not always possible but she didn't talk about the war. she would talk about the man who was wanting to make love with her and forced himself upon her physically. he raped her frankly, the way i say it, and what can she do about a? in order to prevent her from saying anything, he made her do i don't know, 100 push-ups and he gave her a -- that she had to carry.
Oct 30, 2012 9:00am PDT
i hand the baton over to my colleague, suzanne malveaux getting things under way in newsroom. >> and welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm suzanne malveaux. welcome international viewers. teams and correspondents covering this like no other network can. coverage of super storm sandy. talking about flood, fires, massive power outages result of sandy in the med lane exic. 21 people died in the united states from the storm. right now more than 7.5 million customers in 15 state have no electricity. according to early projections, damage from the storm between $10 billion and $20 billion. in new jersey, rescue crews plucking people off rooftops after a natural levee broke and flooded three towns in bergen. queens new york, fire destroyed dozen homes, 50 burned to the ground, 30 were on fire. and head of the new york transit authority says the city subway system is facing the biggest disaster in its history, including flooded tunnels and power outages. a short time ago, we heard from new york mayor michael bloomberg. >> make mo no mistake, this is a d devastating storm, first ever ex
Oct 5, 2012 9:00am PDT
, and stay tuned for my colleague suzanne malveaux and newsroom international. >> welcome to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malveaux. here's what's happening right now. 32 days until the election, and now this. >> this morning we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> nation's unemployment rate has dropped now below 8% for the first time in almost four years. the labor department figures just out this morning show unemployment now at 7.8%. we're covering all the angles of our story. christine romans is live in new york. jessa yellin is in washington with the political impact, and richard quest joining us from london with the global perspective. want to go first to christine. let's zero in on the numbers and what it means here. 114,000 more people now going to work. what does it say about the state of the economy, and where the jobs are now? >> it says, quite frankly, suzanne, that you're seeing steady hiring. not robust hiring, but steady hiring, and when you look at the unemployment rate dropping to 7.8% we know that there ar
Oct 26, 2012 12:00pm EDT
international." i'm suzanne malveaux. we are teaing you around the world in 60 minutes. here is what we are working on right now. >> this is not what a cease-fire is supposed to look like. it doesn't look like that is happening. we'll also have details of a large car bomb that floweded in damascus just a short time ago. we are live from neighboring lebanon in just a minute. in afghanistan at least 40 people are dead after a suicide bomber hit a crowded mosque today. witnesses say the bomber was wearing a policeman's uniform. like i said, today starts a major muslim holiday. the mosque was so packed at the time of the explosion many people were praying outside. silvio berlusconi sentenced it to four years for tax fraud. it's a complicated case that dragged on for years involving berlusconi's media company and a swiss bank account. prosecutors say the company bought the tv broadcasting rights for some 3,000 american films. well, then they resold those rights at inflated prices, made a bundle avoiding taxes. berlusconi, he is expected to appeal. he is not going to serve any time until t
Oct 21, 2012 12:00pm EDT
the story of suzanne swift and her mother. sara rich. >> guest: right. >> host: tell us what happened to suzanne. >> guest: well, suzanne from the time, first of all, she was courted by the military. they kept calling her and calling her. a lot of these folks are part of military families anyway and treating her well and promising her she won't get deployed, so her mother was proud of her. the minute she is deployed to iraq, the guy above her says, let's just have a date together. let's be together. she said what? what do you mean? he said let's not tell anybody. just you and me. and he kept after her for months. she kept calling her mother, and sometimes you can call, sometimes you can't. not always overseas it is not always possible. she didn't you can talk about the war. she was talking about the man wanting to make love with her and forcing himself upon her physically, he raped her frankly, the way i say it. and what can she do about it, in order to prevent her from, from, saying anything he mader do, 100 pushups. gave her a clock. she finally threw it in his face. >> host: he mad
Oct 22, 2012 4:30pm PDT
500 tacked on less than a point. as suzanne pratt reports, despite today's comeback, it could be a spooky stretch for investors. >> reporter: a halloween pop up store has popped up right across the street from america's symbol of capitalism. and, it seems rather fitting, as lately the environment has gotten scarier for stocks. the big ghoul in the market right now, corporate profits. while earnings season started off okay, it's recently deteriorated. but, market pros are worried about other spooky issues, too. >> fiscal cliff will absolutely make it uglier. if we continue to get really weak earnings numbers and guidance going forward that's going to make it uglier, if we continue to get nothing our of europe, that's going to make it uglier. >> reporter: since alcoa kicked off earnings season two weeks ago, the s&p 500 has lost close to 2% of its value. and, just today, caterpillar became the latest company to exceed expectations with its bottom line. but, its revenue fell short of forecasts, a growing trend this quarter. on top of that, cat trimmed its earnings outlook for this yea
Oct 25, 2012 6:30pm PDT
the future. suzanne pratt takes a closer look. >> reporter: wall street called this a throwaway quarter for apple. after all, the iphone 5 was only available for one week during the period, and the newly launched ipad mini has yet to hit stores. still, apple sold arly 27 million iphones during june- through-september quarter, well more than expected. experts say apple's biggest problem was that it couldn't make enough iphones. >> iphone 5 is going to continue to be an absolutely huge product. one thing iphone 5 has that the tablets don't is subsidies. because iphone is sold be carriers, you can get that up-front price down to $199. >> reporter: as for ipad sales, they were a bit sluggish in the quarter. that's because there was a bit of a pause in demand ahead of the tinier tablet's release. consumers boht 14 million ipads in the quarter, somewhatmi less than anticipated. despite the company's solid quter, there are concerns about growing competition. that's as the era of apple dominating certain categories has passed. >> we used to say there's no tablet market, there's just an
Oct 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
better than what the economy experienced in the second quarter. suzanne pratt takes a closer look at the data and what it suggests about the economy in the final months of this year. >> reporter: an economy growing at a 2% annual rate is hardly anything to celebrate. sure it could've been worse. but, clearly at three-years post great recession, it should be a lot better. experts call it a side-ways economy, one that is unable to create enough jobs to bring down the nation's stubborn unemployment rate. but, people on the streets of new york have different takes on what a 2% economy means to them: >> it means first of all that anyone trying to look for employment is going have a tough time but don't give up. i myself was out of work for eight months, before i got my present job, but i just hung in there. >> right now, for us middle class folks, that probably doesn't mean much. what that will do is that will free up money on the upper end of the category. >> i think you have to be a little realistic and you take what you can get, so if it's a nominal rate of 2% that's fine. every ste
Oct 9, 2012 7:00pm EDT
half their value, today, they're within striking distance of those magic numbers. suzanne pratt takes a look at whether we'll see the milestones anytime soon. >> reporter: here's where the major averages are currently trading. the dow is within 690 points of its all-time high, while the s&p 500 is 124 away from its best level. a few really good days and perhaps we'll have new milestones for one or both of the major indexes. veteran floor trader art cashin says it's a possibility, but there's not a lot of conviction among investors today. >> you can see some of the stocks that have led things have been defensive stocks. so, that tells you that it's not quite holding your nose and buying stocks, but saying "i'm not entirely enthusiastic about this but i think i'll do it." >> reporter: stock market pessimists point to continued economic instability in europe, confusion about america's fiscal cliff, and worries about third quarter earnings. optimists talk about attractive stock market valuations and tidbits of evidence the economy might be improving. some also expect companies to sa
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am PDT
being with us. cnn international is getting ready to go live now. suzanne malveaux is ready to take the baton. >> take you around the world in "60 minutes". here's what's going on right now. a journalist who disappeared in syria almost two months ago suddenly shows up on this youtube video. but when and with the footage was shot and what's happening here is not clear. it looks confusing. still the family of 31-year-old austin ticie think it proves he's alive and okay. it's posted on a facebook that supports syria's presence. they think tice was being detained in august but the government has not acknowledged it. happening in frib, gunmen opened fire on a university in northeastern nigeria. 20 people are now dead. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but it happened in an area that's been a targeted by islamic militants. we are deeply sorry for what happened. that is the response from ikea. the swedish retail giant came under criticism for intentionally removing photos of women in catalogs that were shipped to saudi arabia. the company is investigating why these photos were o
Oct 11, 2012 1:00am PDT
or stayed stable.or suzanne pratt takes a closer look at whether the broader economy is also showing signs of strength. >> reporter: here's a shocker: the u.s. economy is growing, but only at modest pace. that's what anecdotes, not hard numbers, from the fed's regional banks suggest about the business climate. 10 of the 12 fed districts reported economic activity in september expanded modestly since the last snapshot. only new york and kansas city saw a leveling off or slowing of growth. residential real estate was the one major sweet spot, showing widespread improvement. >> we've seen a pickup in house prices, we've seen a pickup in construction activity, a little bit better demand for loans. so, it generally corroborates what we've been seeing in the economic reports on the housing market. >> reporter: conditions in the manufacturing sector were mixed, but somewhat improved since the last reading. meanwhile, the job market was little changed since the last report, which was the released in august. that was a bit of a surprise, given the recent drop in the nation's unemployment rate
Oct 25, 2012 12:00pm EDT
now with my colleague suzanne malveaux. >> welcome to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malveaux. here's what's going on right now. sandy moving quickly across the warm waters of the caribbean sea towards the bahamas. the storm slammed into southeastern cuba early today as a category two hurricane. winds up 110 miles per hour. trees are down. power is out across parts of cuba. late season storm also brought heavy rains to cuba's capital havana. in jamaica, sandy flooded streets, damaged homes, caused widespread power outages. at least one person was killed near kingston. another died in haiti. severe weather expert chad myers watching all of this, tracking the storm what do you think is going to happen? is it headed to the united states? >> yes. yes. yes. i'm afraid. a couple of days ago we had all of our computer models running. the hurricane center does. ten of them turning the storm out into the ocean. one model turning it back up toward new york city. we went, wow. 10-1. let's probably think the ten is right. not. it just hasn't been how it happened. all these other
Oct 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
start in the playoffs. tonight, they beat the st. louis cardinals and abc 7 suzanne kennedy was at busch stadium along with a few other locals for all the excitement. >> some nuned, baby right here -- natitude, right here. >> sky high after the first win against the st. louis cardinals. >> nigh natitude is at the st. louis arch. >> they left busch stadium thrilled at the outcome. >> we're so excited. you can't be too excited. the cardinal fans -- >> ups, downs, bases loaded, great catch by werth. the play of the game. getting out of the bases loaded jam with no outs. huge. so huge win. >> jennifer pura is part of the nate pack during home games. she's a college student in st. louis and lucky enough to snag a ticket and see a win. >> i expected to win the whole time. but i was a little concerned. but i never gave up. so it was great. >> tickets. >> nats. 2012. first playoff. >> earlier in the day, nats fans anxiously watched batting practice. hopeful that their team would start the series off with a w. the thinker sten brothers made the -- the thurston brothers made the pill grammag
Oct 16, 2012 6:30pm PDT
expected earnings. shares of citi climbed 1.6%, closing at their highest price since march. suzanne pratt takes a closer look at pandit's tumultuous tenure. >> reporter: the citi management shakeup had many people on wall street scratching their heads today about the timing. not only is the big bank finally regaining its footing, but there were no hints about the boardroom shuffle during vikram pandit's conference call yesterday on earnings. but 24 hours later, citi's new c.e.o. michael corbat and citi chairman michael o'neill hosted a call of their own and explained what happened. so to be clear, today's changes do not reflect any desire to alter this strategic direction of city. >> o'neill and pandit have reportedly clashed on >> reporter: o'neill and pandit have reportedly clashed on everything from pandit's compensation to the bank's future. neil barofksy, the government's former special inspector for tarp and author of the book "bailout," said pandit's departure was overdue. >> i don't know whether he was forced out, encouraged to leave, or he found the current atmosphere to be
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 215 (some duplicates have been removed)